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Hand Crafted Surfboards

There are many epoxy surfboards being produced today by many of the best shapers and manufacturers in the world. There are also a broad spectrum of production methods for producing epoxy boards, beginning with traditional custom hand shaping / laminating at one end, and cheap molded single shot “pop-out” boards at the other end, with lots of other methods in between. Guy Takayama surfboards are hand crafted surfboards that are built utilizing advanced materials, proprietary constructions, highest quality epoxy resins, and exacting production processes. There is a minimum of 31 individual production steps in each one of our boards, and strict controls are maintained at each step to ensure consistency in the construction and performance of each board. The results are hyper performance surfboards that are strong, lightweight, fast, responsive, beautiful and consistent. Of course, we can’t go into all of the details, but here’s an overview of how we produce what we believe to be the most advanced surfboards available today.


Guy creating a prototype of the new Hapa 7’5” Hybrid in his shaping bay

Blank Production:

We put a huge effort into producing our blanks, because blanks form the heart of each and every board. If the blank isn’t perfect, there is no way to fix it later. We put more labor into making our blanks than many builders put into their entire board.

  1. First Guy shapes prototypes for each model in his shaping bays in North San Diego County, California. Each board is shaped specifically to take optimal advantage of our materials and technology for each model. Then we build the prototype boards for testing by Guy and team riders. The best prototype board is selected as the master and the blank cutting program is set.
  2. EPS foam blanks are rough cut from blocks according to size and rocker
  3. The rough blanks are then cut on a custom computer controlled shaping machine driven by the program from the Master. High density inserts are placed with epoxy into the EPS blanks in all fin box locations.
  4. The machine cut blanks are then taken to the shaping bay for fine tuning by experienced shapers that check all dimensions to the master specifications.
  5. This tuned blank is then taken to the pressing area where the multi-component fiberglass stringer system is installed by hand, together with internal carbon fiber reinforcement and flex control elements that may be added based on model. This entire matrix is then hand laminated with either 4 ounce or 6 ounce fiberglass and encased in a high density PVC shell.
  6. This hand crafted blank, with protective PVC shell is then placed in a thermally controlled mold for curing. This mold is built from the Master and ensures that every blank that is produced has the same exact rocker and rail as the master – no exceptions!
  7. When the resins are cured and the rocker and rail locked in place, the perfect blank is removed from the mold. By now, we have far more hand work and labor than goes into most finished boards, and we have only produced our blank…but the blank is the soul of the board, and we cannot shortcut this process.

Lamination and Finish:

  1. The finished blank is laminated using highest quality epoxy resin and combinations of high grade materials based on the desired layups. Materials used include:
    1. Carbon Fiber cloth
    2. Carbon Fiber / Inegra / Fiberglass blended cloths
    3. XEON pigmented fiberglass cloth
    4. Hand dyed Indonesian Batik Fabrics
    5. Texcilium atomized aluminum fiberglass
  2. We often use combinations of these materials on the same board to create beautiful designs and different flex, performance, and weight characteristics.
  3. Our lamination techniques are precise so that we carefully control resin application to each layer of fabric to ensure proper bonding, but also consistent weight and flex characteristics… every step is done with precision and each board is weighed after each key production step to confirm that it is in spec.
  4. After hot coat sanding, the boards are taped off and pin lines, logos, and final clear coats and hand polishing steps are performed.

We believe the finished product represents the most advanced surfboard technology in the market today. Here’s a peek at our popular Carbon Fiber / XEON Fiberglass construction: Carbon Fiber XEON Fiberglass-675      

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