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Koa GT-20 Performance Longboard

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The 9'0" Koa GT-20 Hyper Longboard is the Guy Takayama Surf Team Competition Model, designed for hyper performance surfing. Available in XEON Fiberglass + Carbon Fiber and Full Carbon Fiber, the KOA is lightweight, strong, hyper responsible and easily manueverable.

A five fcs fin set-up and tribal artwork designs by Evan Ozsajca make this performance longboard unique, but these features are only what meets the eye. You've got to get on this board to experience hyper performance. 

Tested in big surf on O'ahu, the Koa GT-20 Hyper Performance Longboard handles bigger waves with speed, maneuverability and hyper response. The 12 oz of fiberglass + carbon fiber both deck and bottom make this surfboard durable with added resistance to heel dents, hand laid by experienced craftsmen to maintain strength while reducing weight.

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